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Sometimes there are words which are close to what you wish to express in conversation but they don’t say it exactly. Dave Kohl, our innovative Marketing Director has had that happen during his 35+ year career. If the right word didn’t exist, he would invent one that fit better.

One morning a few years back, he was leaving for a quick errand. He realized it would take him more than a couple minutes, but quicker than what he considered to be a few minutes. Since there was no word to describe the time between a couple and few, he announced, “I’ll be back in a fewcle”.

Kohl began to use the term when appropriate, and most people didn’t question it, quickly understanding its meaning.
Dave Kohl
As his experience working with small businesses and real estate professionals expanded in recent years, Kohl often realized the value of meticulously researching direct and indirect competitors for his marketing clients. His clients loved finding out about mistakes and omissions competitors were making and how they could exploit and capitalize on them.

However, there wasn’t an actual word or term to describe this valuable process. Usually, Kohl and his team could come up with competitive findings fairly quickly. You guessed it. They routinely come up with valuable research info “in a Fewcle”!

Clients can watch the team research their direct and indirect competitors in regularly scheduled one hour live virtual sessions. Weekday, evening, and selected weekend times are available. Or, you can let the team do their thing and read the detailed report(s) at your convenience.

In other words, our market research techniques are designed to increase your business "in a Fewcle!"
"If you don't know what your competitors are up to, you won't know how to beat them out!"